Con photos

Photos we took while at various cons! (Mostly of set ups) Will post pics of cosplayers as long as we have their permission.

Geek the Halls 2017

GeekCraft Expo Seattle 2017

Eucon 2017

As you can see, it was DEFINITELY  a struggle to make sure I could fit the majority of my merchandise in my set up. I’ve got some changes planned for 2018 in regards to merchandise I’ll have at future cons!

Kumoricon 2017

I wasn’t to thrilled with being next to men’s restroom, but, all in all, I really enjoyed myself. It was much better than last year. They still have some growing pains to work through, but they’re doing an awesome job of it! I wish I had a better pic, but I was actually able to repackage all of my merch. The packaging looks so much better and so much more professional!! A lot cleaner and neater! I think this has been my best set up so far! I even was able to get a grid wall to hang my skirts from. Definitely will need to get more, they were kind of bunched up and hard to go through. I’d like to be able to separate them by theme: fandoms, gamer and lolita to start. I do have them separated into ages groups, Adult, Child, and Baby

Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017

Another first for me! I’ve never done a gaming con before, so I had no idea what to expect. This was also the first con that I had my enamel pins for. I even got more skirts made and in gamer fabric too! This con pretty much cleaned out my gamer skirts!

Geek Girl con 2017

My first Geek Girl Con, again, a lot of fun! I was so happy I got in! I’d been trying for 3 years, they jury and like to keep things fair, so I understand, I’m just glad I had the opportunity to vend and hope I get accepted again!  This was also the first time I was offering skirts. They went way better than I had anticipated they would! I’m glad they did, since I spent more time focusing on skirts, I didn’t have time to make bats.

Rose City Comic Con 2017

lol, my dorky husband trying to be funny! My packaging still makes me cringe! And look! You can see the very first geeky dress I made! (Well, sort of) I was surprised how fast it sold, within the first 15 minutes of the show floor opening! It’s such a cute, simple style, I will definitely be making more dresses in this style for future events!

lol and again, my dorky husband is hiding in the background! It really was nice have a corner booth and the extra badges that come with it. Oh, you can see the tsum tsum keychains! This was the first big con I had them for. You can tell, I kinda had more room than I needed. I’m definitely figuring things out as I go.

Uwajicon 2017

For a one day con, on a 100* day, at our local Uwajimaya, I’d do it again. I was really surprised by the turnout, of course, most people came early in the day. They had a cosplay contest and even karaoke. I’d definitely do this one again.

Garibaldi Days comic event 2017

This was a lot of fun to do. Unfortunately, it was very slow and on Sunday. The bright side, it was a gorgeous day at the coast and a wonderful customer bought me an elephant ear! My friend and I, since we carpooled, even went and did a little Pokemon hunting after the show. It was really nice getting to participate in Garibaldi days again, when I was a kid (7/8) I was in the parade with a couple friends, and our little float won first prize! I was told it was because I was just the cutest little hula girl. Our float was Hawaiian  themed.

Heroes and Villains/Walker Stalker Con/PortlandFan Fest 2017


This was the first time this con came to Portland, and for being a first time show, I didn’t do to bad. It was a little slow at times, but again, it was the first year. I guess this con was started by Stephen Amell, Mr. Green Arrow himself! Like every new convention, they have some hiccups to work through, but once they get over those hurdles, this con has a lot of potential! I’m actually going back for the 2018 January show!


Fanime 2017

I can not tell you how awesome of an experience this con was! Yes, it was a killer 4 day con, but it was sooooo much fun! I got to room share with awesome friends, who I rarely get to see. I was so happy to get the chance to spend more time getting to know them all a little better! This was also my first con outside of the Pacific Northwest. My first California con. I really hope I get the chance to do it again!

Sakura-Con 2017

I was so happy to have been able to make so many bats and octopus for this show! I was worried I wouldn’t have enough. I did! Of course, I was still in the process of stuffing even more throughout the show lol

My awesome daughter, who was forced to come with me, working on packaging merch!
This display just makes me cringe! All the mismatched packaging and empty space. This looks absolutely HORRIBLE!! But, it was all part of the learning process!

Pulicon 2017


This was a pretty fun little con. The table was free so my only out of pocket cost was gas. Since I was so limited on space, I really had a hard time with set-up. But, I think I managed to have a somewhat decent set-up. However, looking at it now, the plastic containers holding some of my merch, really bothers me!


Oregon Coast Comic Con/Tillamook Comic Con 2017

Sadly, I didn’t get a pic of this booth set up either, which is too bad. I rather liked our set up (I was sharing with my dear friend Artist Christa D). I’m sure I have a pic somewhere! Looks like another one that I’ll have to hunt for. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Christa will have one I can use.

Wizard World Portland 2017

Miyako con 2 2017

Again, here’s another event with no photo. But, I was pretty sick this weekend & I think the room was too crowded and dark for me to even get a photo.

Riona’s Cave of Treasures 2017

I don’t know how I don’t have photos. I’m almost positive I posted them. Again, I can’t find a photo of this set up.

Newcon PDX 2017


Sadly, this was my last Newcon as well, in part, because it has the same show runners as Anime PDX, but also  because this was my worst con experience ever. I still enjoyed all the artists I met and getting to interact with all the con-goers, but, sadly, it’s just not a well put-together con.



Geek the Halls 2016

Aside from the room having absolutely NO heat (through no fault of the people who put this on), it wasn’t a bad weekend. Next time I do this event, in this venue, I will bring a small space heater & extra blankets, just in case! It was actually colder in the room, than it was outside! & there was snow outside.

GeekCraft Expo Seattle 2016

My daughter & I had a lot of fun at this show. We went around Downtown Seattle touching everything & taking selfie of us doing it. If nothing else, this was a great bonding weekend for us!

Eucon 2016

This was another good weekend for my daughter & I. She got to get a photo op, selfie & autograph from David Anders, who plays Blaine on iZombie. She also got to do a bunch of the Copic classes. Again, our placement wasn’t the greatest, we were facing the loading dock door. There was also a Ducks game Saturday, so attendance was down. Still a fun weekend, we got to eat at our favorite ramen place in Eugene, Toshi’s Ramen.

Kumoricon 2016

This was their first year in the Oregon Convention Center. Definitely experienced some growing pains, but you have to expect that when you transition to a much larger venue. Still had a blast! I ate so much Takoyaki that weekend!

GeekCraft Expo 2016

This was such an amazing experience! The staff was absolutely phenomenal! They really did their best to meet the needs of the vendors!

Anime PDX Mini 2016

My one and only experience with Anime PDX. It was a fun little one day event and nice to have a local summer con. Sadly, until things change with the show runners, I won’t be vending at this con again(or Newcon PDX). If you want to know why, you’ll just have to google it. I don’t want to go into it here. 

Furlandia 2016


This was my first Furry convention, and it wasn’t at all what I was expecting, I also got in last minute, so I had absolutely no time to prep.. I still had so much fun!! My favorite part was hands down, the fur parade. For those who have never attended a fur-con, it’w basically everyone wears their suits and walks around the convention. Given the chance, I’d do another fur-con! Some of the friendliest con goers I’ve ever encountered! The age range, is huge, just like at a regular comic con.


Chibi chibi con 2017

Now I know I took a pic of this one! I wonder where it’s dispersed to? The worst thing about this con, was tying to figure out where to go to unload!

Riona’s Cave of Treasures 2016

Riona’s Cave of Treasures 2016. Just a small, local one day event. I really enjoyed this event, I was facing the stage & got to see lots of fun performers!

Newcon PDX 2016

My first con of 2016. Unfortunately, this was not a good con for me. Placement, lighting and the fact that people didn’t know where the AA & Vendors hall were, didn’t help. This was the last time I did their Vendors hall.

Aki-con 2015

This was my last Aki-con. I was sad to not be able to do it anymore. The bright side of this, I met my dear friend Corpse Cutie! Who also drew my mascots & logos.

Rose City Comic Con 2015

This was my first year! Still a lot of fun to do!

Kumoricon 2015

My very first Kumoricon! It really wasn’t so bad being in the tent. The only real annoyance was that people kept trying to come in & out of the opening I was next to. That opening was a blessing! It was so hot & stuffy everywhere else in the tent, I felt lucky to have the fresh air!

Newcon Mini 2015

My first Newcon mini, back before it became Anime PDX. This was before I changed my name. I cringe just looking at these old photos lol

Hillsboro Tuesday night Marketplace 2015

Wow, this was way back when I was still doing small craft fairs. These were taken on 2 different nights.

Sakura-Con 2015

My very first Sakura-Con! At this point, I think this was the biggest display I’d ever done! I wasn’t quite sure what to do with all the room lol. I was so nervous for thus con, since it was also the biggest con I’d ever done, but I had a lot if fun & got to meet a bunch of amazing artists!

Newcon PDX 2015

This was my first Newcon PDX and sadly, I was terribly ill! I had a nasty case of Bronchitis and shortly after this, I ended up with a Kidney infection….. But, anyway, Because I was so sick, I must not have taken a photo of my set up.  I thought I did, but I think I’m going to have to look in my Google storage to find it, rest assure that once I do, I will post that horrible pic!

Aki-con 2014

I definitely think doing small cons like Aki-con, were the best route I could have gone. They helped prepare me for the bigger cons, gave me some kind of idea on what to expect for them. This particular Aki-con, was the reason I go into Sakura-con. The applications opened up that night at like 8, so we must hung out in the hotel at their restaurant and waited an hour or so for applications to open. Since they were still lottery then, we figured staying close to the server would give us a better chance. Not 100% sure that’s why I got in, but I’m pretty sure.

Rockaway Fire Festival 2014

Check it out, 2 tables!
I had taken some of my Grandma’s scrubbies and was trying to sell them for her, managed to sell most of them!
Omg! Look! It’s the first bat I ever sold at an event! Kinda hard to believe I’ve been selling these guys for 3 years now!

Aki-con 2013

This took forever to find and I’m so glad I found it! This was my very first time selling at any kind of convetion! I remember when I got the acceptance email, I was so happy that I got in, I started to cry. Yes, I cried over getting into Aki-con’s Artist Alley. Come on, cut me some slack here, this was after I didn’t get in to Sakura-Con, man, am I glad I didn’t! I think I would have been so overwhelmed and under prepared, I may have actually gotten so discouraged, I might have given up! Despite all things wrong with Aki-con, it was my first Artist Alley, my daughter was still a cute, little weeb and I made some awesome new friends! I was even ablebto take my little sister with me. I let the girls put up drawings & take commissions, they were so excited. My daughter got her very first commission that weekend? My sister drew the pony and my daughter drew the girl.

Hillsboro Tuesday Market 2013

It was so hot this day! I didn’t think I would make it! Lol
Another scorcher, thankfully, there was a small breeze!

Hillsboro Holly Days 2012

This was my first Christmas show, and look, it didn’t take me long to branch out at all, did it! lol I remember this day, it started off dry, but ended up wet! I was so frozen by the time I got home, it took forever to get warm!
Such a cute little display! They wanted us to decorate out booths to give them a festive feel.

Hillsboro Tuesday Market 2012

Wow, is this ever a blast from the past! My very first vendor event, ever! Just a little noob selling decoden, amigurumi and some little ninja plush!