Misha’s stupid online diary or whatever

Ok, Mimi! Here’s my online diary, or blog, or whatever! So there! Now who’s the procrastinator? Ha! Not me!

But yea, I guess I’ll write about my stuff here, so you can see what I’m doing. Mimi seems to think all you humans want to know about our secret lives, as she calls them, but honestly, there not so secret. We get in trouble, we get out of trouble, we hang out with friends, we go to cons, we go to the movies and shopping and just, I don’t know, normal human stuff? I don’t think it’s that exciting…..

Ugh, stupid Mimi! She says that I’m supposed to write about our adventures on trying to get back home. Honestly, I kinda like it here and I’m not in that big of a rush to get home. We don’t have video games and fandoms and awesome tv shows like you guys do here.

AARRRRGH!!  Mimi’s reading over my shoulder and telling me this kind of stuff is a diary entry, not syllabus or synopsis or whatever you call them. So yea, I’ll write stuff and you can read it if you want, or don’t, doesn’t matter to me either way.