Hi. I’ll have a photo of myself soon enough, but until then I’m Mimi’s twin sister, Misha.  I’m WAY more outgoing than she is, though she says I’m not, it’s the truth.  She’s shy and reserved, but, I guess, being the eldest (barely), she thinks she needs to set an example.

Since I made a, kind of, online diary entry, I guess I have time to write a quick bit about me.

So, yea, I’m Misha, Mimi’s younger twin, but only by like 15 minutes, so barely! Since she’s the eldest, she thinks she knows best and that I should do what she says. Pffft, yea, like that happens. All right, sometimes it does. Come one, she’s my sister, I gotta listen to her sometimes, right?

Anyway, since Mimi pretty much told you about our world, or dimension, I guess I could tell you it’s not the awesome place she makes it out to be. Yea, it’s great in some aspects, but socially, I just don’t fit in. I never have. That’s why I love this world so much! There’s so many different kinds of humans, if you’re even just a little different, it’s ok! You don’t have to be embarrassed or try to hide who you are. What is it you all say, “let your freak flag fly”! Yea, I LOVE IT! I can be as weird and out there as I want and no one really thinks any less of me. Sure you got your old school humans, but for the most part, everyone is pretty accepting. (GHA! Mimi is telling to stop calling you all humans and just call you people)

So, I just love the pop culture scene! All the comic conventions, anime conventions and gaming conventions. Oh man! They’re so AWESOME! I don’t have to worry about hiding my ears, tail or horn! I have to be careful when it comes to the magic, but I can physically be me, no hiding, it’s great! Mimi doesn’t quite get it, though she does enjoy not having to hide who she is when I drag her to the cons with me. Unlike Mimi, I’m not into all that fluffy, romantic, girly crap, but don’t get me wrong, I like a good Shoujo as much as the next girl, but keep those horrible tear jerkers away from me! I like more action/adventure/sci-fi/comedy kinda stuff. I have suffered through the occasional rom-com for Mimi’s sake, and I guess they’re not ALL bad, but not my top choice.

I also like to write and read fanfiction. There are some pretty talented “amateur” writers out there. I say amateur, because they don’t get paid for what they do. I’m always happy to discuss good fanfic with peeps, or movies, comics, anime/manga, you name it, I’m game!

I don’t have too many friends that I can talk about this kind of stuff with and Mimi isn’t super into it like I am. She’s more interested in finding a way home. Me, on the other hand, sure, I miss my mom and dad, but if the chance came, I don’t think I’d leave. Think of all the comics and fanfic that would go unread or unwritten (yea, I occasionally like to write my own), all the movies and tv and anime that would go unwatched. I just don’t think I could leave all that behind. I’d have to go back to a world that doesn’t have ANY of that stuff, now that I see what I’d be missing, I don’t know if I could. But, I don’t know If I could live without Mimi either.

I bet there’s a way to create small doorways that I could open and close as I please. Honestly, that’s kind of how we got here. It wasn’t just the spell, I’d actually been working on a way to open and close temporary doorways so I could come and go. I think now, I’m even more determined to find a way to do it. I think I’ve read enough of my dad’s forbidden books, and some my aunt had, that my dad didn’t know about, to be able to create those temporary doors.

See, my magic is considerably stronger than Mimi’s, though I’ve never let her know that. I’ve always let her think she’s the stronger one, magically. I used to practice with my aunt and she helped me hide it from everyone. When your magic is as strong as mine, the only real path for you is, is to become one of the Elders or Sorcerers. I didn’t want that, I wanted to do what I wanted to do, not what some wrinkley, old magicians and psychics said I had to do. That’s the biggest thing that donks in my world, everything is based on your magic level, so if you have super high or super low magic, your choices have pretty much, already been decided for you.

People with low-magic, they get stuck in the lower class positions and are at the bottom of society, while those with super-high levels of magic are in the most powerful positions. They decide what’s best for everyone. We do have a counsel that has equal representation from each of the classes, but lets be real, no one listens to what the low-magic class has to say, even when it comes to the things they know best about, like their jobs! It’s just frustrating and I don’t like any of it!

Mimi doesn’t see the problem, everything is rainbows and happiness in her eyes, and honestly, I’m actually a little jealous of that. Even on this world, she only sees the good. She accuses me of only seeing the bad, but I like to think that I see equal parts of both, though, she’s probably right and I do see more of the bad.

<Sigh> Guess I kinda did what Mimi did, this went a little more south than I wanted it to. I just didn’t want you all to think that my world is sugar and spice and everything nice, because it’s not. That’s just how Mimi sees it and everything else, what is you people say, “through rose colored glasses”? Man, you humans have some colorful sayings, another one of the many things I love about this place! However, I do have to agree with Mimi,the beauty of my world, definitely beats anything you have here. Sorry, but it’s true.

I guess I better tell you a little more about me, before I finish this bio thing, or whatever. Yea, I’m not super tech savvy, oddly enough, that’s more Mimi’s thing.

I already told you about some of the geek things I like, so, lets see, I like your planet’s beaches, the sea life you have, is so ALIEN! lol Sorry, I couldn’t help that one, but seriously, it is! I mean, what’s up with the Angler Fish? And don’t even get me started on the marine mammals!  I mean, what, was dry land not good enough for them? Sorry, tangent.

Let’s see, I like pizza and sushi, milkshakes are pretty rad too. I already told you about movies and such, oh, between the two of us, I’m definitely the more artsy one! Mimi couldn’t stitch a button ore draw a stick figure to save her life! hahaha! If you guys could see her now! She’s trying to glare at me, but it’s just so sad looking! Her cheeks are puffed out and her eyes are all squinty, she never was able to give a good glare, or be any kind of intimidating. But, she’s my big sister and I love her. She’d be so lost without me!

Ok, I gotta go before she actually steals this laptop thing away from me and changes my bio thing! It’s hard to type and keep her at bay at the same time.

So yea, ask me questions and I’ll do my best to answer them in my diary thing too. Especially if they’re embarrassing stories about Mimi!!!