Meet Mimi

Hey all! Sorry it took forever to get around to this, I guess I just didn’t know what to write about myself. But, I’m Mimi, I have a younger twin sister named Misha, you’ll meet her eventually. Um, I guess I should start from the beginning, right?  So, here goes.

My sister and I come from a different dimension, parallel to this one. We came to this world about 5 years ago. My sister was playing around with one of our father’s inter-dimensional magic books and came across a spell that was just supposed to open a viewing portal. She obviously got something wrong and it ended up sending us here. Which, actually, hasn’t been that bad. We’ve met some really friendly people, who have helped us out. Unfortunately, the book didn’t come with us, so we’ve been doing what we can to find a similar book here. I do like it here, but like you humans say, “there’s no place like home.”

Sorry, was it rude to refer to you all as humans? I mean, that is what you are. Should I have said “people” instead? But, that’s how you refer to other types of aliens as well. Oh, I don’t know………. but I am getting off track, aren’t I? Sorry about that.

Um, let’s see, where was I? Oh, right, you probably want to know a little about my world, don’t you? It really is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Oh, um, not to say that your planet isn’t beautiful! Just in it’s own way, you know! Where your sky is blue, ours is purple, our lakes and oceans are the most vibrant shades of aqua, similar to some of your tropical oceans. Our trees and forests are so tall, we’ve actually incorporated most of our smaller towns into them. In the past, we used to tear them down, but our Elders had visions of what would happen if we continued to destroy them.  We also never had, what you call here, the industrial age. Sure, we have technology, but it was given to us by visiting alien races. My world is filled with all the mythological animals of your various Earth lores.

A long time ago, our worlds were almost one. The gateways between the dimensions were almost non-existent, so the creatures from our world were able to move back and forth, just as the creatures of your world could.  As time went on, and my people began to experiment with magic, your people were more interested in technology, and the dimensions eventually separated. We were taught that the most powerful of our, what you would call Prophets or Psychics,  saw the path your world was taking, they instructed our most powerful Sorcerers to sever the gateways and close them. There were some who didn’t agree with this, they were given the option to stay on Earth if they wanted. Most of them did, sadly, whatever magic they possessed, has been long breed out. Our Elders and Sorcerers still check in on this world from time to time, but not as often as they used to. They’re mostly checking to make sure that the gateways stay closed.

See, every once in awhile, my dimension will aline with various parts of yours and the gateways or barriers, will get thin, almost allowing the two to connect, but not quite. I don’t know why, but in order to see, or even detect them, you have to have come from my dimension. The Elders worry that those who are descendants of the people who left, will be able to see them and they will travel to our dimension. I guess they think all Earthlings are destructive. But I know better.  The people I’ve met here, have been amazing! They make it a little easier to be away from home for so long.

You’re probably asking, why they can’t just open one of the gateways. Well, I don’t know the answer. I think it has something to do with the spell that brought us here. We’ve been able to occasionally communicate with our dimension, they’ve found the book, but not the spell. They’ve been searching for another copy of the book, but, my father says it was one of a kind, he collects and archives rare magical books. There’s no listed author, so trying to find who wrote it has been very difficult.  They’ve tried everything they can think of to find the author through magical means, so now, they’re left with just good old fashioned research. Misha thinks the author is an Earthling, or at least was, and that’s why they can’t find anything magically, magic can’t find non-magic. So, we’ve been doing what we can here to find magical books, but, it seems most of the magical books we find are more superstitions and wishful thinking, than actual magic. It’s so frustrating! There are books that look promising, but because they’re so old, more from the time when our dimensions were still connected, we can’t access them. Misha says we should just break in and “borrow” them, but that’s basically stealing. She says that, as long as we give them back, it’s only borrowing. But, if one of them is the book we’re looking for and does have the spell we need, how are we going to give it back, if we get back home?

<Sigh> Sorry, guess I just kind of went off on a tangent, didn’t I. At least on the bright side, you know more about my world. And, no, I didn’t forget the name of my world, we’ve just been forbidden from revealing it’s name to anyone here. My people believe that there’s a lot of power in a name, and to give your true name to whoever who asks, is like giving a part of yourself away. It gives someone control over you, not full control, but enough. Mimi isn’t even my real name, it’s something I chose after coming to this world. I’ve been trying to think of a good alternate name to give my world, but I’m not very good at it. I was gong to go with Magica, but after thinking about it, and asking Misha, I realized how lame it sounded. Then I thought Unicornia, but Misha said it was too corny….. So, for now, my world is nameless.

Ugh, this was supposed to be a happy about me page and it kinda got a little depressing, didn’t it?

All right, let’s try this again! My name is Mimi, I’m and alien of sorts, I love cute things, animals, fluffy dresses, cartoons, romantic books and movies, milkshakes and sushi! I like lots of other stuff to, but those are just some of my top favs! Oh, you’re probably also wondering about the horn on my head, well, apparently, since magic doesn’t occur naturally in this dimension, it has to manifest itself physically, hence, the horn. As for the cat ears and tail, it’s just the way my people evolved. I like to think we’re distant descendants of the cats here on Earth. Kind of a merging of the two species, I guess. I honestly don’t know, it’s one of those things that just got lost over time and no one on my world really knows why we have them.

However, in one of my dad’s books, I did find something that hinted at why we have them. He quickly took it away and hide it from me, unfortunately, I was never able to find it again. But, what I did read, suggested that a powerful, dark sorcerer was angry at the Elders and the people of my dimension for severing the gateways, that he created a spell that would turn us all into cats, but something went wrong and I think backfired, it turned him into a cat and gave the rest of us ears and tails, along with some of their other attributes. I don’t know, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me, but then again, it was in one of my dad’s forbidden books, so maybe there is some truth to it?

Haha! Just kidding! Sounded good though, didn’t it? But honestly, in my world, we’re able to shift from cat to, we’ll just say human. On my world, they completely disappear, but I guess because of the lack of magic in this dimension, we can’t fully change. Thankfully, we, can hide them with magic, they’re not gone, just more like invisible. Of course, I’m sure I’d have ended up in some science lab if I couldn’t. That’s what Misha says, anyway.

Well, I guess I’ll call it good for now, I’m not sure what other information I can give you. So, I guess if you have questions, please feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer what I can!