Um, yea, I’m Ari. I’m who the girl’s are staying with while they’re here. I doubt you want to know much about me, but if you do, just ask and I’ll answer!

So, about the girls, like Mimi said, they’ve been here for about 5 years, I was the first person they met. Oddly enough, the portal just happened to open up right above the swimming pool in my backyard, and yup, you guessed it, they both fell right in. If it hadn’t scared me so much, I probably would have started laughing. I mean, you should have seen them when they climbed out of the pool! They really did look like wet cats! Their ears were folded down against their heads, so of course, I didn’t see them at first. Their tails were dragging behind them, but their horns hadn’t appeared yet, that took a few more hours.

I ran outside to see what the splash was and that’s when I saw them climbing out. Oh man, just thinking about it now, it’s kinda hard not to start laughing! But then again, the death glare their both giving me is a pretty good incentive……… Man, if you guys could see it…. you’d second guess laughing at them too!

Anyway, when I saw them get out of the pool, I ran over and started yelling at them, thinking they did it on a dare or prank or something. Mimi was going to say something to me, but Misha cut in and grabbed me by the collar, she demanded that I help and give them something to dry off with. Well, she can be pretty intimidating when she wants to be.

Ok, so uh, Mimi just told me that this part is supposed to be about me and not them, and that I should save that for my blog entries.

So, yea, uh, my life was pretty normal before the girl’s got here, I was a Junior in high school, I’ve since graduated now. I took a couple years off to work, save up some money, help the girls figure our world out, and now I’m just doing pre-requisite classes at my local community college.Β  No clue what I want to do yet, but with the girls being here, I find I’m leaning either towards something sciencey or something where I can have access to some of these old books their looking for.

Sadly though, my grades were never that great in school and anything dealing with science was definitely not my cup of tea. I mean, I barley passed any of them! Truth be told, I wasn’t really the best student and the only reason I’m even taking these classes is to help Misha and Mimi. I tried to talk them into doing it, but being aliens and all, they decided it was best if I did it. Of course, them not being able to read or write in any of our languages, doesn’t help. I’ve been doing my best to teach them, but I really suck at teaching!

Since they’ve been here, they’ve made a few more friends who have offered to help where they can, which sure takes some of the pressure off of me!

Mimi just pointed out how I’m veering off track again, her reading over my shoulder isn’t the most ideal way to write one of these things…… bet you can see a pattern with her, can’t you……..

So, let’s get this done, I like long, romantic walks on the beach, reading poetry to the girl of my dreams and cuddling.

OW! Ugh! Fine! Sorry I was trying to be funny, Misha’s always so quick with the physical violence….. but, um, there’s not much to tell, I’ve never been good at “selling myself” to others. If there’s anything you want to know, just ask.