Good news & Bad news

So, the Bad News first then;    I wanted to give you all a heads up on pre-made phone cases. Sadly, I will not be offering them at cons any longer, they just don’t sell. This does not mean I won’t be doing phone cases, I will continue to have customs available in my shop and I will still be offering free at-con pick-up, I just won’t be making any to take to cons with me.

The Good News;    This is where you all benefit from it! All my pre-made phone cases are 40-50% off! There are a few listed in the shop right now, however, I will not be adding more. I do have more to sell. I will have a for sale post here after Eucon, sometime next week. That will be your chance to snag up a pre-made case at a much lower price! It also means, as long as you pay the invoice quickly, I will be able to get them to you by Christmas!

Just a little more bad news, most of the cases are for older phones, I will not have any for the Samsung Galaxy 8, 8+, Note 8 or for anything above the iPhone 7+. I haven’t decided if I’m going to discount the 3DS XL cases I have yet, or not.  At least I have a week to think about it!

But, yea, keep an eye out for the for “sale post”, I will be cross posting on FB & IG and it will be a First Come, First Served basis. I do have a few of them posted under the Decoden Phone Case section in the Photos drop-down menu. Shipping and Handling will be $4 for the US only. If you are international and you really want one of the cases, you’ll have to message me first, so I can calculate shipping, and I CAN NOT guarantee Christmas delivery for any international order. You are welcome to claim the few listed phone cases now, if you don’t want to wait. You can either send me an email, comment on the photo, or send me a DM through EtsyFacebook or Instagram. If there are multiple claims on a single case, I will look at the time stamp of the comments and go by who commented first. I can’t guarantee what will be left after Eucon.

Almost forgot, I will also be posting the few Decoden Compact Mirrors I have left, those have been dropped to $5 each, that’s half off!!

Now back to my Eucon prep!


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