Awesome update!!

I have some awesome news for all you con goers!!! I am now offering free pick up for custom made items at cons for attendees! Please note, that in order to take advantage of this offer, you MUST be attending one of the cons where I will be selling. This means that you don’t have to pay for shipping and handling, which, depending on the item, can be a little on the pricey side! I have a list of all my upcoming cons on my events page, and please, check back often, as I am always updating and adding new cons! Of course, I’m always looking for new cons to apply to, so if you’d like to see us at a con near you, please feel free to leave us a message on any social media site, or via email:

A few more details on this awesome offer!!

Obviously, the big one, is that you MUST be an attendee at the convention you are wanting to pick up your order.  There will be no exceptions for this, as after the exhibitor’s/artist alley closes, I’m usually exhausted and don’t want to have to hunt down someone to hand deliver their order.  If you fail to pickup your order at the con, you will be responsible for paying shipping and handling so I can mail it to you.  If you fail to pick up at con and refuse to pay for shipping and handling, there will be NO refund!

Orders for con pick up will close 2 weeks prior to con.  I need to make sure that there is plenty of time for communication back and forth to discuss the details of the order, and the obvious one, so I have plenty of time to make it! lol.  If you are ordering a custom decoden item, I need to make sure that I have time to make a custom layout and send photos for approval/alterations.

The earlier you order, the better.  For example, if you know you’re attending a con that I will be selling at in December, but it’s October and you know you’re going to want a custom item to pick up at the con, October is a great time to order!!!  But the cut off for custom orders will be two (2) weeks prior to a con.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Some items may require more than the two (2) week cut off notice.  Items that may require more than two (2) weeks are anything with custom resin pieces and phone cases that I will need to special oder.  If I won’t be able to complete an order in time for con pick up, I will let you know before an order is placed.

Orders can be placed by messaging me on InstagramFacebookEtsy, or by email,  If you are wanting to purchase a premade case that I have listed on etsy, please message me on etsy before you make any purchase, so I can find out which con you are wanting to pick up, and also so I can give you a coupon code for free shipping.  Most items that I have listed in my etsy, will be available at the con for purchase.

If you have any questions on this offer, please feel free to message me and ask, there are no stupid questions!  I’m happy to clarify anything that you may not understand or just have some questions on.


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