New social media platform!

patreon icon

And yet another way to follow Geeky Caticorn and to offer your support without purchasing anything from an online store.  We have finally created a Patreon!!  The goal with Patreon for us, is to offer behind the scenes videos, tutorials and patterns, along with so much more!  Each support teir with have different benefits, we still need to come up with more teir options, as right now, we only have one available.  There will be much more to come soon!  We expect to have it all fine tuned after te first of the year when things finallyh slow down around here.

Right now, the head artist, Misha, is pulling tripple duty trying to manage her main job, con prep and taking care of her family.  Soon, she will be leaving her main job to focus 100% on Geeky Caticorn!  This is where you and Patreon will come in.  Your support on Patreon will allow her to focus on the creativity that will help Geeky Caticorn be successful, because unfortunately, a person can’t survive on rainbows and dreams alone.

Any support is appreciated, so please, check out our Patreon and follow us to stay tuned for more updates and more support teirs!

Thank you so much!!


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